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Check out what people are saying about To Be's Pregnancy Holiday Cards!

"Thank you so much for your wonderful Christmas cards! We are expecting our first baby and this is the perfect way to let our family and friends know about it! I cannot wait to receive them! You have such unique products and while I have seen other pregnancy announcement cards, yours are definitely the cutest!"
- T.O., Green Bay, Wisconsin 

"These cards are sooo perfect, looked all over the internet and these are one of a kind!! Can't wait to get them!!"
- C.C., Norcross, Georgia 

"Love the cards, exactly what I was looking for! "
- K.H., Des Moines, Iowa 

"So excited about these cards! What a great way to tell family and friends we are expecting!!" 
- Mom-to-be, Ohio 

"Share the news with a pregnancy holiday card ( Fave: Preggo, Santa with caption 'one of these isn't a bowl full of jelly'" 
Pregnancy Magazine Tweeted about us! 

"Your cards are perfect. I can't wait to get them and send them out. They are so unique." 
- S.L., Lawrence, New Jersey 

"These cards are adorable! Great Concept!" 
- K.K., Cleveland, Tennessee 

"It was very difficult to find Christmas Pregnancy cards and your site was great. " 
- D.D., Rutherford, New Jersey, 

"I LOVE the idea of pregnancy related Christmas cards!! Our daughter is due in a couple months and this is such a fun way to celebrate!!" 
- K.L., Manahawkin, New Jersey 

"love the cards so cute and funny" 
- S. B., Guilford, Connecticut 

"Cutest Christmas Cards I've ever seen!!!!" 
- A.N., New York 

"I love that you have an option for "pregnancy" holiday cards. I wasn't able to find any other companies that provide such a product. Thank you!!!" 
- S.S., Aberdeen, New Jersey 

"Great idea! This is the first place I've found pregnancy themed holiday cards!" 
- C.C., Rocky RIver, Ohio 

Super cute cards! I LOVE to do couple cards and this year we're preggers these are PERFECT!!" 
- K.C., New York, 

"Your designs are awesome! There is nothing like this elsewhere and I've looked everywhere. You should get your info out in baby magazines because Im sure there must be tons of parents-to-be who would LOVE to share their joy and announce their pregnancy via their Xmas cards... can't wait to send these!" 
- M.B., Virginia 

"What great cards!"
- C.C., Las Vegas, Nevada 


 Check out what people are saying about To Be's Bridal Cards!

"I was so happy when I found this site! I love the funny bridesmaids cards. I searched forever trying to find funny cards to give to the girls and finally found them here! Thanks!" - Bride-to-Be, Morristown, New Jersey 

"Very cute cards! Love the site :) I will be sure to pass your internet address onto my engaged friends!" - Helen, Toledo, Ohio

"Great wedding cards!" - Bride-to-Be, Noblesville, Indiana

"LOVE your website ;)" - Bride-to-Be, Richmond Hills, Ontario, Canada

"The cards are really cute!" - Bride-to-Be, London, Ontario, Canada

"I love these cards! They have great graphics & even better messages. Great sense of humor" - Bride-to-Be, Oreland, Pennsylvania

"I love the website!!" - Bride-to-Be, Norwalk, Ohio

"Awesome designs!" - Bride-to-Be, Marietta, Georgia

"i love your website. no one else has these cards from what i searched. i am looking forward to getting it! thank you!!" - Bride-to-Be, Williamstown, New Jersey

"This (Helpful Bridesmaid card) is PERFECT! Thank you!" - Bride-to-Be, Fayetteville, Arkansas

"'s a pleasure talking to you over the phone. Those wonderful and unique cards your company design have made my wedding even more special than ever. Keep up the good work! - Bride-to-Be, , Aliso Viejo, California

"I love these cards. (I'm) planning to give them out at the rehearsal dinner to add fun and humor to the night." - Bride-to-Be, Fair Oaks, California